Chad and Chris

Chad Biggs and Chris Creech, the first same-sex couple to legally marry in North Carolina, asked us to create a special arch for their official wedding day, which was scheduled on NC Pride day to commemorate the first NC Pride celebration in the Triangle since the October 2014 ruling to legalize same-sex marriage in North Carolina. We were so happy to be able to help them celebrate their union. The Love Wins arch was inspired by this momentous event and is available for rent.

Mara and Matt

Mara and Matt were married at Bay 7, a gorgeous space in the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC. They needed a structure to create a focal point in a large, open warehouse. (Photos by Vanessa Lofvenholm)

Rebekah and Shayne

Rebekah and Shayne were married at the Cookery in Durham and needed a structure to frame their ceremony; the Honey Arch added height and depth to the room with its vaulted-ceiling appearance. (Photos by Casey Elia of Urban South Photo)