About Us

Tom and Sarah met while they were studying in the mountains of Italy. For their engagement, Tom constructed a pyramid structure with glowing lights and constructed a cardboard “Lite-Brite” that spelled out, “Will you marry me?” For their wedding on a llama farm in the mountains of North Carolina, they built a bamboo and gauze chuppah. As part of a globe-spanning community of friends and family, Sarah has been invited to speak, read poetry and sing at ceremonies marking important life events. Tom has built nuptial tree houses, bachelor sweat lodges, hung 1000 paper cranes on a sycamore mobile, and even fabricated steel zeppelins for a special event. When asked by friends to fabricate a steel arch that could be placed in a garden, Tom’s twin interests of landscape architecture and sculpture fused. As soon as the arch was finished, he thought of a design for the next one, and the next… until his sketch book was full. Numinous Steel was created to reach out and offer an opportunity to a broader community.